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Most important Districts in The New Administrative Capital

Master Group Team

10 months ago

Most important Districts in The New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital is one of the most important and largest new cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, characterized by its vast area and strategic importance in developing infrastructure and enhancing economic growth in the country. Therefore, in this article, we will explore the most prominent neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital and present the most important landmarks that breathe life into this amazing modern city. Let's take a look at the exciting districts of this city.

The first district R1

The first district R1 is one of the distinguished neighborhoods in the new administrative capital. The district is known for its innovative and modern design, which provides a wonderful residential environment for residents. The district features its open design, wide green spaces, and beautiful gardens, which help to provide an atmosphere of calmness and comfort.

The first district R1 provides many facilities and services that meet residents’ needs perfectly. These facilities include schools, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and gyms. In addition, the district has an advanced security system that ensures residents’ safety and makes them feel secure in their residential environment.

The residential units in the first district R1 feature modern designs and luxurious finishes. There are various residential units available that suit the needs of individuals and families, ranging from apartments to villas. Thanks to its smart planning, all units enjoy stunning views and exceptional views of green spaces and lakes.

In short, the first district R1 in the new administrative capital is an ideal destination for living. It combines modernity, diversity, and luxury, and provides a quiet and safe residential environment for residents. It is a great place to build a stable and comfortable life in the city of the new administrative capital. Learn more about R1 area from here

The second district R2

The second district R2 in the new administrative capital is one of the modern and thriving neighborhoods in the city. This district features its unique and innovative design that includes many modern buildings and facilities. The district is distinguished by its location surrounded by scenic nature and wide green spaces.

In addition, the district provides many essential services and recreational facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, mosques, etc., making it an ideal place to live and enjoy urban life in a comfortable and elegant way.

The district was designed in a way that ensures providing a unique urban experience for its residents and visitors, as it allows them to enjoy a variety of activities and services that meet all their needs and aspirations. Thanks to good planning and advanced infrastructure,

The second district R2 provides an ideal environment for living, working, and relaxing, making it one of the most prominent places in the new administrative capital for investment and stability.

The third residential district R3

The third residential district R3 is characterized by being one of the best neighborhoods in the new administrative capital and has the symbol “R3”.

This area is the first settlement in the capital, as it was built by the Urban Communities Authority holding company responsible for implementing the new capital.

The future plan for the area is to provide 30 thousand housing units through the establishment of 697 residential buildings on an area of ​​about 1,000 thousand acres. The areas of these residential units range from about 100 square meters to approximately 180 square meters.

These buildings in the new capital will be designed in the form of a ground floor with seven repeated floors.

In addition, there are villas available for sale in this neighborhood, which is considered one of the best neighborhoods in the new administrative capital, specifically government neighborhood.

Residential areas in the new administrative capital, specifically the third residential neighborhood, are divided into 8 main neighborhoods, where independent residential units and services available in their surroundings are available. Administrative services.

·       Commercial.

·       Entertainment.

·       Sports.

You find all this in best neighborhoods of new administrative capital. In third neighborhood, it includes large number of villas and commercial and administrative spaces, where number of villas exceeds more than 400 villas, and area of ​​commercial and administrative places exceeds more than 100 thousand square meters.

Projects located in R3 area

·       Elite Mall New Capital

·       Capital Care Mall.

·       The Walk Mall.

·       Marsa New Capital Mall

Government District

The government district is considered one of best neighborhoods of new administrative capital that are being created and almost completed, where more than 95% of it has been implemented.

The government district in new administrative capital is one of most important upscale neighborhoods in new administrative capital thanks to presence of government agencies and ministries that operate with advanced and modern system with aim of reducing high pressure and congestion existing in Cairo.

Especially in downtown areas due to traffic congestion there and presence of ministries and government agencies accumulated in heart of capital.

In implementation of government’s master plan, about 18 ministries will be transferred from downtown to new administrative capital, which is considered one of best neighborhoods of new administrative capital, specifically government neighborhood.

Projects located in government district area

·       The Loft Plaza Mall located in new administrative capital.

·       Trou V Tower New Capital.

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