About Us

At Master Group, we work with the biggest experts and top firms that specialize in real estate to deliver the best integrated residential and commercial communities in Egypt in accordance with a defined strategy. We are committed to providing our clients with a Master life by implementing a clear vision and adhering to values and standards.

Master Group began a new investment concept in 2017 to enter the real estate market by taking part in the Egyptian governments intent to build the construction of fourth-generation cities, with the beginning being the city project in the R7 area in the new administrative capital.

Master Group has collaborated with prominent consultants to deliver the greatest lifestyle for consumers, in addition to various advantages such as superb location, construction capabilities, and unequaled amenities.

Our Concept

We are committed to providing the best since, at Master Group, we have worked hard to develop a unique concept for entering the Egyptian real estate market that merges luxury, environment, human needs, and technology.

We rely on our knowledge and the mindset of our senior consultants to establish new industry trends and unearth great solutions that ensure our customers have the best experience possible.

Building Innovative models & solutions for our prototypes & projects via springy planning while diminishing any risk factors through our expertise.

Making our vision a reality by creating the greatest integrated residential and business communities in Egypt.

Adding new technologies to our daily process to reinforce our presence in the Real Estate dynamic market.

Establishing and working out constants and standards to ensure the best quality for our clients.

Our Code of Ethics

Our Team Spirit

We think that brainstorming, open talks, and effective communication can lead to amazing results, thus we consistently emphasize the importance of each individual and the need of embracing diversity at work to build successful partnerships with our workers and strategic relationships. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, as well as to providing them with the necessary training and development to help them achieve their full potential.


Probity & Integrity

We strive to attain long successful lasting relationships with our clients. This demands an act of probity & integrity to strengthen & validate these relationships over time, our standards & code of ethics are empowering a constant focus on how business is being conducted validly.



At Master Group, we recognize that bringing our Vision to reality requires providing consistent standards throughout the entire process with our clients, so we aim to extend our standards in what we do from grand Consultants names, on-time delivery, innovative products, and outstanding customer care services, all to provide our clients with a one-of-a-kind and gracious experience that will last forever.

Master Group


Develop a trend of new fully-fledged gated communities in Egypt through the implementation of sustainable and creative concepts to thrill our customer communities and provide them with a Master life.

Chairman Message

Looking at the vibrant Real Estate Market and the plethora of potential in such a sector in Egypt and the GCC Area drives us to grab the opportunity to secure a notable expansion plan for ourselves in the Real Estate Sector, particularly in new zones loaded with promising opportunities. Master Group is seizing opportunities to be a leader in such an industry, aiming to aid in the growth of such an important sector of the Egyptian economy through the establishment of several developments in Egypt We do plan to set benchmarks and standards for fully-fledged gated communities, as well as to be a leading factor in tuning trends in the Egyptian Real Estate Sector through our Partners, Alliances, and Expertise.

Our commitment and concept to provide unique solutions related to our real estate projects and products would make the best lifestyle for our clients because it is our primary goal, and we derive our passion primarily from applying innovative approaches to the real estate market to enhance the excellent results for our clients in addition to achieving the perfect balance of our clients lives.