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Everything you need to know about R8 New Capital!

Master Group Team

6 months ago

Everything you need to know about R8 New Capital!


Dubbed the "Sheikh Zayed of the New Capital" for its safety, opulence, and high standard of living, the eighth residential district, R8, stands out as one of the latest additions to the New Administrative Capital, drawing attention for its prime location in the heart of the administrative hub. This article delves into the geographical positioning of the eighth district, its key advantages, and why it presents an exceptional opportunity for those in pursuit of a luxurious lifestyle


R8 Location And Area


The 8th District R8 is one of the neighborhoods developed by private sector companies in the New Administrative Capital in the first phase. Its location is a vital place near the Government District and the Green River, which is one of the most prominent features of the New Administrative Capital. It is in the center of the city with 20000 acres 35 km long connecting all neighborhoods along the Nile River.

The 8th District R8 is also located near the Diplomatic District and Government District The total area of R8 is approximately 40 thousand acres. Only 20% of them have been allocated to buildings and the rest of the LandScape and Lakes area.

The 8th Residential Neighbourhood Area is characterized by its high sea surface, making it one of the most beautiful destinations compared to other neighborhoods.

The features of the 8th District are not limited to its strategic location but possess many other advantages that make it a special place compared to other residential areas in the administrative capital.




10 advantages make R8 the most distinctive!


The benefits of the eighth residential district are a lot, but what makes it the focus of attention and the first destination for luxury in the New Administrative Capital are the various spaces for services. The eighth district R8 contains:


       Industrial lakes

       Sports Clubs

       High-end hotels

       Premium residential compounds

R8 is one of the most prestigious residential areas. Residential units within the 8th District vary between studios, apartments, duplex, twin house and townhouse as well as independent villas. The price per meter starts at R8 from 10,000 Egyptian pounds.

       More than one licensed area for hotel housing

       R8  has many educational schools and a number of international and private universities.
One of the most prominent educational institutions to acquire land in the eighth district are:

-        3.34 acres for Baron Modern Educational Services

-        2.56 acres for Al-Hayat College Company for Educational Services

-        2.16 acres for Capital Advanced Education

-        4.93 acres for Maisa Hassan Azazi

-        2.39 acres for Al Elm Road for Educational Consultations

-        2.87 acres for Horizon Group


       Two clubhouses covering 107 acres, with one dedicated to sports and the other spanning 35.5 acres

       The neighborhood has a huge business area with a large number of commercial malls
It is planned to join the most famous Egyptian and international brands.
These include:

-        The Curve Mall

-        Capital Avenue

-        Yaru, New Capital

-        Gusko Mall

-        De joya strip mall


       The R8 district has many recreational services and Kids Areas.

       Green spaces represent more than 80% of the total area of the neighborhood and a wide spread of public parks.

Opting for the 8th District ensures a refined and tranquil lifestyle, with convenient access to a comprehensive range of services, including educational, recreational, and daily living amenities. Its central location in Cairo makes it easily accessible, making the 8th neighborhood “R8” the ideal choice for those seeking luxury and a premium living experience.