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Features of Apartments for Workers Abroad in the New Administrative Capital

Master Group Team

8 months ago

Features of Apartments for Workers Abroad in the New Administrative Capital

Advanced infrastructure and modern services

The Egyptian government is working on building a modern and advanced infrastructure in the New Administrative Capital, where all the basic and modern services are provided for workers abroad. These services include hospitals, international schools, entertainment areas, and integrated residential communities.

The distinguished investment climate

The New Administrative Capital is considered a major investment hub in Egypt, as it offers great opportunities for workers abroad to invest in real estate, companies, and commercial projects. The Egyptian government supports the private sector and provides many incentives and facilities for foreign investors in the New Administrative Capital. There are also many investment opportunities in Egypt for workers abroad, find it out by contact us for real estate investment consultation.

Apartment projects for workers abroad in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is an ideal place to invest in real estate, especially for buying apartments dedicated to workers abroad. There are many projects that offer modern and upscale residential units that include a variety of features and services. Learn about the R1 project and its exciting features below.

The R1 project and its features

·       The distinguished location: The R1 project is located in the New Administrative Capital in a central and distinguished location. It provides easy access to the main services and commercial and entertainment areas in the city.

·       The modern infrastructure: The project features a modern infrastructure, including comfortable streets and sidewalks, parking lots, and public places.

·       Security and protection: The project provide a high-level security system and advanced protection services, which provide peace of mind and security for the residents.

The R1 project units and their modern and comfortable design

The R1 project units feature a modern and comfortable design, which provides a distinguished residential environment for workers abroad. The apartments have the following features:

·       A spacious and open design that provides a large space for living and comfort.

·       High-quality and modern finishes that add a luxurious touch to the units.

·       A central air conditioning system that ensures indoor comfort in all seasons.

·       Effective sound insulation that provides quietness and peace during the stay.

The services available in R1

The R1 project offers a wide range of services for its residents, making it an ideal place to live. Some of the available services include:

·       A large outdoor pool for swimming and relaxing.

·       A gym equipped with the latest devices for exercising.

·       Green areas and leafy gardens for walking and relaxing outdoors.

·       Kids area that provides a safe and entertaining environment for families.

·       A shopping center that includes shops, restaurants, cafes for the convenience of the residents.

In short, the R1 project in the New Administrative Capital is one of the best residential projects that workers abroad can think of investing in. The project offers modern and comfortable units, in addition to a range of distinguished services.

The services near apartments for workers abroad in the New Administrative Capital

International schools and universities

The New Administrative Capital provides a range of prestigious international schools and universities. Workers abroad who live in apartments in the New Administrative Capital can benefit from these great educational facilities for their children. Some of the well-known international schools available in the area include:

·       The American International School in Cairo

·       The British International School in Egypt

·       The British University in Egypt

These schools and universities provide excellent educational programs and modern learning environments for students.

Hospitals and health centers

The New Administrative Capital’s approach to providing comprehensive well-being for its residents contributes to providing a variety of hospitals and health centers close to apartments for workers abroad in that area.

Shopping centers and malls

The New Administrative Capital is home to a variety of shopping centers and malls, where you can enjoy a great shopping, dining, and entertainment experience. These shopping centers offer a wide range of stores, restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment facilities, making them a great place to enjoy and have fun for workers abroad in the New Administrative Capital.

Prices and payment methods for apartments for workers abroad in the New Administrative Capital

Details of prices and available spaces

The New Administrative Capital offers a variety of apartments for workers abroad at different prices to suit the needs and requirements of customers. The available spaces and sizes of apartments vary according to lifestyle and family size. Some important details about the prices and available spaces are: The area:

·       The area of the available apartments ranges from 80 square meters to 200 square meters.

·       Number of rooms: The number of rooms in the apartments ranges from one bedroom to three bedrooms.

·       Prices: The prices vary depending on the area, number of rooms, and geographic location of the property in the New Administrative Capital.

These details are part of what can be provided when inquiring about apartments for workers abroad in the New Administrative Capital.

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